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Teacher Training Classes For GOOD NEWS CLUB® Volunteers

Ongoing, practical training for those who are involved in teaching Good News Clubs.  Local directors meet on a regular basis with Good News Club volunteers for inspiration and encouragement along with curriculum helps.


Online Training

Child Evangelism Fellowship offers may courses online through the Children’s Ministry Institute that will also equip you in yr work with boys and girls. Please go to for more details.

Individualized Training

CEF offers a variety of training courses to meet the needs of a local church volunteers. Below is a partial listing of some of the classes we offer. Please contact us for more information.

The Final Authority (Why Evangelize Children?)
1, 2, 3, Jesus Loves Me (Helping Children Understand the Message of Salvation)
Guiding the Child to the Savior (Counseling the Unsaved Child for Salvation)
Inside—Outside (Ministering to Children Through the Local Church)

Child Study
From a Child’s Perspective (Understanding Children)
Discover Your Child’s World (Age-group Characteristics)
I’m Not Too Little! (Taking the Preschool Challenge)

Teaching God’s Word
Teachers That Touch Lives (A Look at the Teacher)
Confidential—For Your Heart Only (Preparing Your Heart to Teach)
Life-changing Evangelistic Bible Lessons (Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation)
Life-changing Growth Bible Lessons (Bible Lesson Preparation and Presentation)
Drawing in the Net (The Salvation Invitation)

Class Hour
Foundations for Life (Bible Verses—More than Memorizing)
I Will Sing a New Song (Singing—Music with a Message)
Around the Corner—Around the World (Missions—Bringing the World to Your Class)
Review Can Be Exciting! (Enhancing Learning in a Fun Way)
Managing Your Classroom (Dynamics of Discipline)
Visualize or Fossilize (Using Visual Aids Effectively)

Basic Steps to Maturity (Teaching New Christians)
Gourmet Food for the Soul (Growing Through God’s Word)
Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving (Learning to Pray)
A Living Sacrifice (Consecration—My Life Set Apart for God)
One Step at a Time (Victory Through Christ)
Speak Up—Speak Out (Training Children to Share Their Faith)
Where He Leads Me I Will Follow (How God Guides Children)
Developing Knowledgeable Children (Teaching Doctrine to Children)

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