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~ Restorative Arts Project (R.A.P.) ~

Reaching Children, Reaching Families & Restoring Communities


Greater Jackson Chapter

2021 Art Contest


CEF MS - Virtual Art Contest (

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Child Evangelism Fellowship of Mississippi, Inc., (CEF) currently serves children within the state of Mississippi in nine counties in partnership with ten school districts in our Good News Clubs and after school programs. 


The Greater Jackson Chapter of CEF MS in partnership with the City of Jackson, Office of Human and Cultural Services is proud to present our Restorative Arts Project (RAP) which sets as its priority enhancing and expanding the creative voice of children in Jackson Mississippi through artistic expression. Our project recognizes that restoring young people can restore families, who will then restore communities. ​

Our project includes on site or virtual instruction to introduce young people, grades preschool to 12th, to artistic expression. All the children in grades preschool -12th, will be encouraged to present their favorite artistic work at a virtual art fair for their family and friends. Those young people in grades preschool through 12 who are interested, are invited to receive virtual artistic instruction to assist them in creating the art projects of their choice. At the end of the summer, the art projects will be presented before their families and community members at a virtual art show/ contest. The three best projects from the preschool through 1st grade group, the 2nd – 5th grade group, the 6th – 8th grade group, and from the 9th through 12th grade group will receive a prize and be invited to present their project at the Mississippi State fair or a Statewide Virtual Arts exhibit for special recognition.

            2020 CEF MS Restorative Art  Project  

          Virtual Art Contest Winners


       Winners: Pre-K to 1st Grade

1st Place: Artist #2 - Riley Williams

2nd Place: Artist #1 - Riyah Henry

3rd Place: Artist #3 - Jayce Lindsay


      Winners: 2nd to 5th Grade

1st Place: Artist #23 - Sierra Brewer

2nd Place: Artist #6 - J'Amber Griffin

3rd Place: Artist #8 - Isabella Brundidge


       Winners: 6th - 8th Grade

1st Place: Artist #15 - D'Nickolas Perry

2nd Place: Artist #18 - Jamison Cleaver

3rd Place: Artist #17 - Brayden Bingham


      Winners: 9th to 12th Grade

1st Place: Artist #21 - Haley Burns

2nd Place: Artist #22 - Shakerria Burns

3rd Place: Artist #19 - Jalyn Hoye




CEF of Mississippi

(Recommended grades K-5th)

Video 1:  Stained Glass Cross

Materials Needed: paper, pencil, eraser, black sharpie, silver sharpie, crayons

Video 2: Heart Art

Materials Needed: Paper, pencil, eraser, black sharpie, silver sharpie crayons, cup of water, watercolor paint palette with brush

Video 3:


Materials Needed:

Paper, pencil, black sharpie, watercolor, water cup, brush


Video 4:

The Embrace

Materials Needed:

paper, pencil, black Sharpie, Silver Sharpie, watercolor paint, cup of water, paint brush


Video 5: 

Flowers Pencil Sketch & Wash

Materials Needed: 

paper, pencil, water soluble pencil, cup of water, paint brush

CEF of Mississippi

(Recommended grades 5th-12th)

Video 1: Crosses on a Hill

Materials Needed: paper, pencil, eraser, crayons, cup of water, watercolor palette and brush


Video 2: Mandalas

Materials Needed: paper, pencils, erasers, black sharpie, silver sharpie, crayons Circle shapes for tracing (ex.-small plates, roll of tape, small plastic cups)

Video 3:

Ancient City on a Hill ( Jericho)

Materials Needed:

Paper, pencil, water soluble pencil, cup of water, small paint brush

Video 4:

The Whimsical Cross

Materials Needed:

paper, pencil, eraser, black Sharpie, crayons, cup of water, watercolor palette and brush



Video 5: 

Flowers in a Pot

Materials Needed:

Paper, pencil, black Sharpie, cup of water, water color paint, paint brush


Additional supplies:  You may need some circles to trace for the drawing part of the flowers.  Small circles like a roll of tape, drink cap, cup, etc.  

Coming Soon!

For additional information email CEF MS State Office at

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